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What Is Joy of Working?

Alice Bing believes Joy of working is a spiritual phenomenon. It is not an offshoot of the material job gains we all hope for, enjoy having, and need to survive living in a demanding economy. Spiritual seekers welcome and value ideal job conditions such as popular job, best boss, big job title, hug paycheck, nicest co-workers, and few difficulties. But they needs their workdays to evolve into a spiritual experience too. Any spiritual seekers struggling to turn their workdays into a spiritual experience will achieve pleasing results from using the joy of working program Alice Bing created.

Joy of Working Consultant Since 2005

Professional Summary

While employed at various  companies, Alice Bing was known for her happy, hopeful, and helpful spirit in the face of Hard Work and Disappointments.  For many staff she was the go-to-person for consolation. 

The trajectory of Alice's career journey was from community organizer, volunteer manager, team supervisor, community relations manager, fund development manager, sales consultant, and substitute teacher to owner of the Working Joyfully Consultant Group. 

Endorsement Letter

January 21, 2013

The DUMP Furniture Store

801 North Military Hwy

Norfolk Virginia 23502

Sir or Madam,

It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Alice Bing for the last two years. During that time, she has shown herself to be a diligent, focused, caring employee with an untiring work ethic and impeccable interpersonal skills. 

 As my store’s top sales consultant for seven consecutive years, she has built a loyal customer base while continuing to recruit new customers every day. Her pleasant demeanor, encyclopedic knowledge of home furnishings, and remarkable ability to listen truly to her customers, find out what their needs are, then help them to meet or exceed those needs makes her a one of a kind salesperson and a tremendous asset to me in my duties as the manager of The Dump, a subsidiary of the Haynes Furniture Company.

Alice does not only seek personal and professional growth for herself. She is also a mentor and coach on my sales floor. Often successful salespeople are unwilling to help other salespeople grow for fear of losing their top positions; Not so with Alice. She welcomes new salespeople, teaches them, and assists them with learning the intricacies of selling and the administrative side of customer service. She sees other’s success as a reflection of her own success. This attitude has helped turn my sales force into one of the most cohesive units in the entire company.

Based on my years of direct interaction with Alice I can say with utmost confidence that she has what it takes to provides resources that inspire and prepare others to succeed more at being their best at work.  

I believe you would do well to retain her service, as I sincerely believe you will get as much out of dealing with Alice Bing as I have.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions or require amplifying information about this remarkable person. I can be reached at 757-264-0235


Greg Thorne

Store Manager 

Alice's Professional Qualifications