It's not the hours you put in your work that counts, it's the work you put in the hours.

-- Sam Ewing

Helping Personnel Keep the Agreement They Made with Themselves to Always Do Their Best.


Pep-Talk is conducted on-site at your premises or preferred conference venue.

  • Pep-Talk is designed to enhance today's workers succeeding more at doing what they do well and love doing to make a difference. 
  • The purpose of Pep-Talk is to help them to keep the agreement made with themselves to always do their best.  
  • Pep-Talk is powered by the theme “your work is meant to increase the beauty of you, others, and the community".
  • Pep-Talk is based on the fact humans engage in work from a personal perspective. 

Pep-Talk Outline

  • Work and the Beauty of You
  • What You Really Want from Work 
  • You Don’t Like Work, You Like . . .
  • Five Powerful Ways to Keep the Agreement You Made with Yourself to Always Do Your Best
  1. The power of knowing what makes you feel personally connected, capable, driven, and a compelling force
  2. The power of recognizing your mindset in action
  3. The power of getting clear about your BIG intention
  4. The power of asking exploratory questions
  5. The power of intense focus work and periods of rest

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