Frequently Asked Questions 

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Why the organizational leader should consider giving inspiration to achieve business success through employee motivation?

Humans are born motivated to act on inspiration. So having tools to inspire employees to arrive in the right place, at the right time, for a meaningful reason is good business. According to Tony Schwartz, CEO of The Energy Project at Harvard "In today's knowledge-driven economy, the best measure of productivity is no longer how much time people invest. Rather, it's how much energy they bring to whatever hours they work and the value of the work they produce as a consequence. The challenge for employers is to free, fuel, and inspire their employees to bring more of their potential to work every day."

Is there a strategy to help the organizational leader to inspire exchange of beneficial ideas?

There is a strategy. Employees share ideas for business success when they feel appreciated. To appreciate an employee you must understanding where the employee is coming from.  That is how to take the guest-work out of giving trustworthy support to the employee. Business leaders with well-constructive questions are better able to uncover where the employee is coming from. 

What might the leader do to inspire employees performing at the higher level?

Employees fall into doing run-of-the-mill work. So the business leader should not be without a tool for boosting interest in taking performance to the higher level. An ideal tool is one that empowers the employee to build on things the employee finds valuable about the work-role, tasks the employee is doing well, things the employee is self-determined to do, and things and people the employee is impacting positively.

What might the organizational leader do to inspire employee customer mania?

The strategy of connecting the inner desire of the employee to make a difference in life to the work at hand is an ideal way to inspire employee customer mania!  The tactic potential for being effective is high because humans have a strong desire to do something special and most employees are not able to detach from the innate feeling when at work. 

How can the organizational leader inspire positive inner living in the workplace?

Because working adults spend more of their waking hours at work than anywhere else, work should ennoble the human spirit. Promoting workers’ well-being makes economic sense. So the business leader must never be without a method to inspire the employee to look beyond the hours, policies, job descriptions, personalities, work roles, and daily difficulties to see the parading of inner beauty in the workplace, the transfer of positive energy, the joy of doing something meaningful, the joy of social contact, the means for human nobility, the display of a good activity, and the grand opportunity to enrich the lives of others.