Alice Bing speaks about joy of working as a spiritual phenomenon and how to experience it. She explains joy of working is not rooted in things every worker hopes for and appreciates. Things hoped for and appreciated are popular job, best boss, big job title, hug paycheck, nicest co-workers, and few difficulties in a workday.


Alice is an ideal speaker for an audience of spiritually driven people committed to turning their workdays into a spiritual experience.  


To consult with the speaker, call 757-477-5761.

Helping Personnel Keep the Agreement They Made with Themselves to Always Do Their Best.


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"Great job Alice Bing!! Your gift makes it sound so simple!!"

Karen Bailey

"I really enjoyed the workshop. It was very good to take an opportunity to evaluate my own personal strengths and attitudes toward work. Thanks!"

Shaun M. Scott

"I enjoyed the small group setting. Hearing people's individual stories helped very much. I liked your ability to relate the information with real life and real people."

Becky Lawson

"The sharing of personal stories and ideas are what made the program interesting and flowing. The checklist was enlightening. The length of the presentation was adequate. This would be helpful for beginning teachers--especially the checklist and recognizing skills portion.

Shirley Rudd

"I feel this is a wonderful workshop for those young in their career. This helped me think about my strengths and most importantly what I enjoy doing."

Nicole (Krieger) Pellegrino

"She was an enthusiastic speaker and kept us positive" 


“Dear Alice, the phenomenal success of the volunteer kickoff was due to your willingness to present your message and workshops. If you were able to reach just one volunteer, it was a great day. I appreciate you and thank you so much for being a part of our event.”

Thank you, Cheryl McGrenra, Girl Scout Council Colonial Coast

"I had the opportunity to attend a seminar provided by Alice Bing a few years ago. The presentation regarding leadership was thought provoking and assisted in enhancing my professional skills. I can only imagine that her presentations have only grown more robust over the years and highly recommend her work."

Nicole Pellegrino Director of Development at Norfolk Collegiate School

"Excellent. This is a tool that should be shared with other companies."

Mona Brook

"The workshop was very informative. It reached out to a vast network. Group participation opportunity was well planned. I think the research done enabled everyone to be able to take something from the workshop and apply it to their endeavor."

James Walker

"You offer great tools and resources. The books and quotes were very inspiring. The skills test and discussions were very enlightening."

Pam Glass

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"Enjoyed her presentation. Work we do should be meaningful, competent, self-determined, and have a positive influence." 

Jen Siegrist

"She was very inspirational and easy to listen to." 

Kenna Garrett

"Good speaker and fun" 

Sheila Ferguson

"Alice was great" 

Mary Carol Davis

"She was very inspirational and easy to listen to."

Kenna Garrett

"Good speaker and fun"

Sheila Ferguson

"Alice was great"

Mary Carol Davis