Why explore Alice Bing's joy of working coaching program. If you are a spiritually driven person and you are struggling to turn your workdays into a spiritual experience, her joy of working coaching program is designed to help you.


Making the leap from dreaming of joy of working to experiencing it is the daunting task her coaching program facilitates.


She believes joy of working is a spiritual phenomenon not related to the material job gains we all hope for, enjoy, and appreciate.  


If a gloomy feeling is what you are left with time and time again at the end of an workday, make a consultation appointment with joy of working coach Alice at 757-477-5761

Helping Personnel Keep the Agreement They Made with Themselves to Always Do Their Best.


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When Alice told me that she was starting her "Joy of Working" coaching program, I asked her if I could write this testimonial as a way to give back to her a fraction of what she has given to me. You see, I am not only Alice’s friend and co-worker, but I also have been one of the first beneficiaries of the teachings she provides in this program. I can attest unequivocally that Alice Bing’s teachings have made a profound difference in my sales career and that, by applying the tenets she teaches to other parts of my life, I have become a better father, a better husband, and a better man. You will do well to retain Alice’s services.

John P. Wilson

More About Joy of Working

 Coaching with Alice Bing 

Alice's coaching program is ideal for spiritual seekers struggling to turn  their workdays into a spiritual experience. 


Alice visualizes within a short period of coaching you will make significant progress. She believes having the feeling that outlast and overtake gloomy experiences is meant for you too. Change begins the moment she start to help you to internalize the joy of working concepts she promote. 


Because talking about unhappiness at work has negative consequences and unproductive results, you now have a safe place to talk and work on achieving positive results.


Since you work, the joy of working coaching service is available at various times and days of the week to serve you.


List of Items Discussed During the Initial Consultation Session

What's Troubling You

What Her Joy of Working Coaching Program Consist of 

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