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Why Not, a Love Affair with Work


About "Inner Excellence"

 The words of wisdom my mother-in-law spoke to me from her home in heaven comes to mind every time I think about inner excellence. She said, “Everything you need to know is inside you." My professional mission is to empower greater professional success by helping people to display more of what they sense is their professional purpose and to help them to unleash their inner values, visions, goals, and motivations in the work they do.  

Purpose-driven workers are changing the world. I’m one of many people who believe the inner-self is the wisest part of us. Why? Because it is not tainted by biases we have consumed in our life time. Preconceived notions can hold us back from displaying our inner excellence in the work we do. Unfortunately our inner excellence is an underused resource. 


The workshop, my book The Calling, and the MAPP™ assessment tool are designed to help people of all professions to manifest more of their inner greatness in the work they do.  All resources are designed to facilitate a transformation toward the achievement of greater professional success.