Business Mission

“Inspire and Prepare Personnel to Act Boldly on Their Motivation and Ability to Succeed More at Doing What They Do Well and Love Doing to Make a Difference”

Central Business Theme

"Your Work is Meant to Increase the Beauty of You"

See What People Are Saying

When you want to help employees to demonstrate an active, rather than passive, orientation to their work role, Alice Bing's services are based on her studies of four key factors of psychological empowerment in the workplace:

1) Meaning: Meaning involves a fit between the needs of one's work role and one's beliefs, values and behaviors.

2) Competence: Competence refers to self-efficacy specific to one's work, or a belief in one's capability to perform work activities with skill.

3) Self-determination: Self-determination is a sense of choice in initiating and regulating one's actions. It reflects a sense of autonomy over the initiation and continuation of work behavior and processes (e.g., making decisions about work methods, pace, and effort).

4) Impact: Impact is the degree to which one can influence strategic, administrative, or operating outcomes at work.